Hello to all you great drummers of the world!

We all know the drill: “Don’t worry there is a drumkit present, you only need to bring your snare and cymbals…”. Upon arrival at the venue or rehearsal room you notice in seconds that the drumkit is indeed present but with outworn cymbal stands where the rubbers that segregate the metal of the stands with your cymbals are missing.

The consequence: a fair chance that you will damage your cymbals and in a later stage keyholing and cracks…

So from our own experience with this sort of regular situations we created the CYMHOLE. A rubber ring that fits into the central hole of your cymbal that will protect it from keyholing when you are forced to hang them on outworn cymbal stands. Cymbals that wear the CYMHOLE will also fit on stands that still has the rubbers on it, allowing them with enough “swing”, so you do not need to undo or attach them all the time and have them protected permanently.

Another advantage is that CYMHOLES also protect the center of your cymbal against bumps on the cup by the end of the tilter of the stand during attaching and de-attaching them from your cymbal stands.

If you have cymbals that already have a keyhole, you could give them a second life by attaching a CYMHOLE so that the central hole will be round again.

Please note: Cymhole is not a replacement for sleeves and/or washers. Cymhole provides protection in those cases when you have no choice but to play your cymbals on worn out stands that have no sleeves and/or washers. Cymhole also protects against undesired contact between your cymbals and the bare metal of the stand when attaching them to the stand and removing them again.

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